About Gary's Writing Workshops

"Somewhere there exists someone more articulate, more informed, more compelling and more passionate than Gary Gilson about the role of communications in a free society--and if that person does exist, I'd like to meet him or her."
— Lawrence Haeg, former Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications Chief, Wells Fargo

“It’s been a long time since I had so much fun in a single session.You brought the subject to life. And I loved your stories.” 
— Bill Huntzicker, University of Minnesota journalism instructor

“After the rigors of having written a Ph.D. dissertation, I thought I was a pretty good writer. Then I took Gary's writing workshop and discovered a whole new level of learning. His teaching style is friendly and informative mixed with a wonderful sense of humor. I found the handouts to be particularly useful - so much so, they have become my "go to" writing resource. Whether composing emails or professional reports, my final product (and my confidence in the final product) has been elevated. His workshop is filled with tips on best practices and on hazards to avoid. I recommend Gary's writing workshop to anyone who takes pride in their written word.”
— Dr. Gregory Alch, psychologist

“Gary Gilson's session on writing helped me think differently about writing and helped me start enjoying the work.”
— Workshop Participant

“Gary Gilson's one-session course on good writing had an enormously refreshing effect on me. As a freelance editor often confronted with texts that communicate tediously and confusingly, I warmly welcome well-honed reminders about what constitutes clear and effective writing—and about how turgid writing can be clarified. 

“Gary provides such reminders with skill and disciplined passion, presenting vivid examples of good writing and bad, and showing incisively what works and what  doesn't. His many years as a journalist and teacher serve him well: he gets his points across with clarity and economy--and with well-aimed humor. I emerged from Gary's class happily refocused on my editorial tasks at hand.”
— Phil Freshman, book editor

“Thanks for an excellent presentation. I found your examples of good writing to be entertaining and inspiring. The examples and explanations of poor writing were informative and beneficial. However, it was your advice on the disciplines of writing, the need to read the work aloud, to get feedback, etc., that I found particularly helpful. I was impressed by how much you achieved and how you addressed the wide range of writers' needs. Also, funny — and wise.”
— Peter Truran, science researcher