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Greetings from Gary Gilson, 
Star Tribune columnist on clear writing:

Make What You Write ... Say What You Mean

Marcus Quintilianus, who lived in Rome from 35 A.D to 100 A.D., had the best advice for a writer I’ve ever seen:

“We should write, NOT so that it is possible for someone to understand us, but so that it is IMPOSSIBLE for someone to misunderstand us.”

That’s what clear communication is all about. Precision and simplicity lead to clarity.

What’s at stake? For most of us, probably not a literary career, but clarity in our working lives and in our personal relationships. Certainly worth working hard for.

Hard writing makes easy reading. 

MY GOAL: to help you 

“Make what you write . . . say what you mean.”

If you follow the guidelines laid out in my workshop you can master clarity.

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